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Peer review book chapters and manuscripts


(*) Students at the time of research


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1.  Escobar J, Restrepo JC, Martinez JI. 2005. Paleolimnology as a tool for the study and management of reservoirs. Gestion Ambiente.

      8(2), 51 59. In Spanish

Non Peer Review and General Audience Magazines


Hodell D, Anselmetti FS, Ariztegui D, Brenner M, Curtis J, and the PISDP Scientific Party. 2006. Preliminary results of the Lake Petén Itzá Scientific Drilling ProjectDOSECC News. 4(2), 5-6

Hodell D, Anselmetti FS, Ariztegui D, Brenner M, Curtis J, and the PISDP Scientific Party. 2006. 1.3 km of sediment recovered by the Lake Petén Itzá Scientific Drilling Project. DOSECC News. 4(1), 1-2

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